Conditions for commencement as rider
  1. You own a horse or are able to borrow a horse at your own cost.

  2. You are at least 16 years of age, friendly, brave, tenacious and donʼt let anything stop you.

  3. You are prepared to take the Pony Express ridersʼ pledge.

  4. You are responsible for scouting out the route and making yourself familiar with it in order to complete it independently within the set time limit.

  5. Each rider must be dressed appropriately in line with the Pony Express theme. (ʽCountryʼ-style clothing). Riding cap and -boots are of course allowed, tracksuit bottoms, baseball caps etc are not!

  6. Riders must take the relay station two hours before scheduled start in order to avoid losing ʽridden-outʼ time.

  7. Mail should be transported in a manner comparable to that used in 1860. Many riders and organisers have vouched for this mail and therefore each rider is responsible for mail entrusted to him and for handing it over safely to the next Pony Express rider. If a relay station is not occupied the rider must transport mail to the next possible hand-over - if necessary on foot. Mail must never be abandoned.

  8. Each rider bears full responsibility for his own and his horseʼs physical and material well-being.

  9. Each rider must use all available means and abilities to contribute towards a successful completion of the European Pony Express.

  10. Vetʼs instructions must be followed.